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If we lose our memory, we destroy our future. May the anniversary of the Holocaust, the unspeakable cruelty that humanity learned of 75 years ago, serve as a summons to pause, to be still and to remember. We need to do this, lest we become indifferent. #DayofMemory

God’s Word consoles and encourages us, it challenges us, frees us from the bondage of our selfishness and summons us to conversion; because it has the power to change our lives and to lead us out of darkness into the light. #SundayoftheWordofGod

Let us make room for the Word of God! Each day, let us read a verse or two of the Bible. We will discover that God is close to us, that He dispels our darkness and, with great love, leads our lives into deep waters. #SundayoftheWordofGod